Friday, 16 December 2016 CEO UP Voter ID Online Registration is the official web portal of Chief Electoral Officer UP, CEO supervise the election work related Assembly and Parliament elections. Voter ID online registration can be done through Election can not be viewed as an isolated event, but it is part of holistic process for promoting democratic governance. As per the People Act 1951 section 20, The CEO of state or union territory is authorised to administer election work in sate/ut subject to overall superintendence, direction and control of election commission.

Chief Electoral Officer website can easily find information of Name search in Electoral Roll, Know your booth & booth level officer, Search polling station location of Google Map.

Schedule of General Election to the Legislative Assembly-2017-click here

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CEO: T. Venkatesh
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EPIC full form: Electors Photo Identity Card
Call Center/Voter Help Line No: 1800-180-1950

How to Know Application Status?
People may know their application status
1) Direct link open
2) Choose any one option Offline or Online
a) For Offline provide information District, AC, Part, Select Form Type, From to To date. OR, Enter Applicant Name, Enter Form No.
b) For Online provide information District, AC, Form Type, Applicant Name, Form No

Voter Forms
Voter Forms are useful to people change address, any correction in voter card, consistency change etc. Download form as per your problem persisting with election voter id, fill the form and enclose documents and submit your Election Officer. Application Forms are Form6, Form6A, Form7, Form8, Form8A, Form001, Form18 Hindi, Form18 English, Form19 Hindi and Form19 English

Application Forms Download link:

What is an Electoral Roll?
An electoral is list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to participate and use their vote in an election. Electoral rolls are prepared Assembly Constituency wise. For any assembly constituency electoral roll is subdivided into parts corresponding with polling booths. ECI has decided to generally have max 1200 electors per booth. Polling booths are so set up that no voter should ordinarily travel more than 2 kms to reach the polling booth. To exercise your franchise, the first and foremast needed is that your name should be in electoral roll.
Election Results
Election result can find on official site following steps
1) Open the website
2) Click on Election Results
3) It shows drop down arrow, select Result by Election
4) New page will display Year wise and shows Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Bye Election etc.

Election Results Check link:

Useful To Resident Electors

1) What is the correct age for enrollment as voter?
Ans. 18 years, As per listed in article 326 of the constitution section 19 of R.P. Act 1950

2) Was 18 yrs minimum voting age in India from the beginning?
Ans. No. Earlier the age of registration of voter was 21 years, Through 61st amendment Act, 1988 of Constitution read with Act 21 of 1989 amending RP Act 1950, the min age of registration of voter brought to down 18 years.

3) Which is relevant date for determining age qualification of 18 years? For example you have complete 18 yrs of age today. Can you get yourself registered as voter?
Ans. According to Section 14 (b) of R.P Act 1950, the qualifying date means the January 1st day of year.

4) Can it be non citizen of India become voter?
Ans. No. A Person who is not citizen of India cannot be registered as voter. Article 326 of Constitution read with Section 16 of R.P Act 1950 clarify point.

5) I am working in Town, Can I be voter in my native village?
Ans. No. If you are working in Town and residing there, you are on ordinary resident of Town in terms of Sec 19(b). Therefore you can be enrolled at Uttar Pradesh only and not in your native village.

6) How can I Enroll my name in Electoral Roll?
Ans. You have to submit a filled in Form - 6 to the ERO of the Assembly Constituency.

7) I have shifted my residence recently, which form I have to submit?
Ans. In case new residence in same constituency please fill form 8A otherwise form 6 and submit to ERO or AERO of the area of new residence.

8) I do not have a ration card. Can I get enrolled without a ration card? What are the other documents, which I can show as proof of my residence?
Ans. Ration Card is not necessary; You can show any other proof residence like Passport, Bank Pass Book, Driving license etc. or any Government document to facilitate the work of registration.

9) When I fill up Form-4, should I attach proof of my residence with Form 4?
Ans. It is not important but if you attach a proof of residence, it will aid early verification of the particulars given by you.

10) I have lost my old EPIC Card, How can I get a new EPIC Card?
Ans. You can deposit of FIR lodged at Police Station, you will get new EPIC card after deposit Rs.10. The dates for issuing EPIC cards are published in leading Newspapers.

11) Who appoints the Electoral Registration officer?
Ans. Election Commission of India (ECI), it also appoints one or more Assistant Electoral Registration Officers to assist the Electoral Registration Officer in the performance of his functions.

Contact Address
CEO & Principal Secretary Election Department ,Uttar Pradesh
IV Floor, Vikas Bhawan, Hazratganj,
Phone : 0522 - 2611226, 2611227 (O)
Fax : 0522-2614193,2230073, 2610262
Email :

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